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Hi viewers! Sorry, I haven’t posted anything in a while I know, but thats because we have not been assigned a blog post in awhile, so :'( to that. But don’t leave me for this reason because I promise I will do a not-an-assignment blog post soon. I will be reviewing different love songs, and stuff so look out for that! See you soon! : )

The Cycle of Love

Observing reflections



Wearing make-up to catch attention

A museum of clowns

The first date

Excitement and nervousness

The prince and princess depart

Happiness personified

Life is perfect

The sun shines on their ‘love’

A radiating spotlight

Reality starts to kick in



A tear falls

And drops

To the floor.

A shattered diamond.

Bieber Fever

Can you really fall in ‘love’ with someone you have never met?

Approximately 9 million people, mostly teenage girls, around the world have ‘Bieber fever’. Bieber fever started when 17 year old popstar Justin Bieber got noticed on youtube, and started his music career. The small-town boy soon became a big hit, and is now a pop sensation. Millions of girls around the world adore him, like how a child adores its teddy. They have become obsessed with him and his life, they have plastered posters of him all over their room and spent their whole day trying to get him to notice them. ‘His world’ has become ‘Their world’. Some people have watched Never Say Never many times, as if it was the Titanic, or another classic. Never Say Never has, perhaps, become a classic itself. But to the millions of girls who claim that they love Justin Bieber, do they really? Can they have actually fallen in love with someone they might have never even seen in real life. Has the media made this possible?

Personally, I think it is possible that they have fallen in love with him. If you have ever known someone who has Bieber fever or if you have it yourself, you would know this too. But perhaps, they have not fallen in love with Justin Bieber, but they have fallen in love with his looks, his music, his hair, and everything else that they actually know about him. In the movie Never Say Never, when fans were asked what they like about Justin Bieber, they replied that they liked how he flicked his soft, golden hair back, his soft smooth voice, his handsome face, his melodious laugh and beautiful smile. But they could not have fallen in love with him fully because they have never met him personally, and gotten to know him. Or has the media and paparazzi made it possible for people to think that they know him and feel like they have actually met him?

Media these days has achieved a lot. It can manipulate peoples thoughts, persuade them to buy things, increased the amount of knowledge available, and made people like Justin Bieber successful. The media has probably exposed so much of Justin Bieber’s life, his personality, and what he does from day to day that fans feel like they know him as their friend. They know where he is everyday, what he’s doing, how hes feeling, what he thinks of his fans, and more. TV programmes have even revealed things like what he studies. His fans start feeling like they can relate to him, and that their lives aren’t that different after all. Then they start listening to all of his songs, looking at all the fan blogs, watching all the interview, google searching him and looking at all of his pictures, buying all of his posters, his purple glasses, adding him on twitter and Facebook and posting things like: I wish you would just notice me etc. This is when they have reached the stage of complete obsession, what I like to call OBD, Obsessive Bieber Disorder. Ok its not really a disorder but still. They love him, and they love everything about him, even if they never meet him in their lives. It is true. It can happen.

But in the end Justin Bieber is just a normal guy who gained fame through song.

The 5 Love Languages

Divorce rates are rising everywhere, and people are struggling to keep their families together. In High Schools, girlfriend- boyfriend relationships barely last for more than a month, and thousands of hearts are broken every day. Around the world, people are asking how they can stay with the one person they love forever. Gary Chapman has the answer. His theory is that people speak different ‘love languages’ , and to have a successful relationship you have to learn how to speak your partners language. These 5 love languages are: Words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, and physical touch.

  • Words of Affirmation:

If this is your love language, words of kindness and love mean everything to you. If your partner tells you he/she loves you, especially if he/she tells you why, thats all that matters. But if your partner gives you insults your love fades away, and you can never forget it. If you find out that your partners love language is Words of Affirmation make sure you express your feelings to your partner, and be careful not to insult them.

  • Quality Time

If your love language is quality time, then words are not what express your love. You feel that someone loves you when they are giving you undivided attention, and when they are always there for you when you need them. If you’re trying to spend quality  time with your partner, and the TV is on, you feel that your partner doesn’t take your relationship seriously. So if your partner’s love language is quality time then make sure to spend lots of time with them, and that there are no other distractions.

  • Receiving Gifts

If your love language is receiving gifts, don’t feel ashamed about being selfish and materialistic. What it really means is that you really appreciate the love, hard work, and thoughts behind the gift. If you speak this love language a gift means everything, that you are known, loved, and cared about. If your partner speaks this love language, then make sure to give them thoughtful and meaningful gifts, and don’t forget an occasion or anniversary, because this may ruin your relationship.

  • Acts of Service

If you speak this love language, then you really appreciate when your partner does something to help lift the heavy weight off of your back. The words you most love to hear are “let me do that for you”. If your spouse doesnt try to help you, then you feel that they don’t really care.

  • Physical Touch

A person who’s language is physical touches likes the little things, the pats on the backs, the holding hands and little thoughtful touches on the arm and face. Even though they may not seem like anything to you (if physical touch is not your love language), these little things can express love, caring, and concern to the person. So if your partner’s love language is physical touch, make sure you show them how you feel about a situation not only by words, but through touch aswell.

Find your love language:

Learn more:


Simple- 5

Compound- 9

Complex- 5

Compound-complex- 4

♥ Seasons

™Seasons (as in England)

~ I am sitting in my room reading a book. I can hear rain pattering on my window outside. I am glad that I have my blanket and a warm light. I fall asleep to the sound of rain. When I wake up in the morning and leave for school I can see frost covering the grass, the house and the car. There are leaves falling all around me. I can see reds, oranges, yellows, and rusts everywhere. It is beautiful. The apples in my back garden are ripe now, and falling off the tree. Apple crumbles and pies are daily treats. A bird is collecting fallen branches and dead grass for her nest. I remember to take a coat and an umbrella with me to school. The winter is drawing near.
~ I wrap my coat around me tighter as I face the chilly winds. My nose is red. I take a deep breath, and blow out. I can see my breath leaving my mouth. It looks like a mini cloud of my own, but it soon disappears. Snow begins to fall, very little at first, but it begins to pick up pace. I continue trudging home through the increasing snow. The rusty leaves have gone. All I can see now are barren trees and whiteness. No one else is outside. I love making snowmen in the snow, but I cannot wait until the snow melts, and becomes simply a memory.
~ The snow finally begins to melt, and I can see flowers playing peek-a-boo through it. The trees are growing their leaves back, and a few trees are already blooming with beautiful flowers. I can see yellow daffodils everywhere. There is a bird nest nearby, and I can hear the chirping of baby birds. There are a few pretty blue shell fragments in the grass. The weather is getting warmer, although it is raining quite often now. A little ladybird crawls onto my hand. I watch it until it flies away.
~ Summer has finally arrived, and with it the holidays! I am very excited for the long spread of lazy days full of relaxation and no homework. As I go outside I can feel the warm sun beating on me. I cycle to the park which is very busy. The park is completely packed, and there are loads of people lying on the grass, trying to soak up as much of this rare warmth as they can. People are having picnics and chatting about the latest news. Two newly weds are taking their wedding photos in the park. In the evening me and my family watch a play, outside.There is a slightly cool breeze outside, so we cuddle up together. Summer is here and everyone longs for it to stay.



Simple sentence

Compound sentence

Complex sentence

Compound- complex sentence

I ♥ My Mother

♣As you all probably know, yesterday was St. Patrick’s day. Thankfully I remembered to don something green at the last minute (phew!). Others were not so felicitous and left school with bruised arms from all the pinching and punching. So thats one affair thats out of the way. On Monday though, its mothers day. This causes a whole different predicament. What should I buy for her?! This problem impends itself on me twice every year, but I always try to procrastinate till the last minute. If you query my mother about what she wants she will say “Something handmade.”. So last year, on her birthday, I listened. Unlike my dad who went and got her an iPhone 4 which is hibernating in the house somewhere, unused. So anyways, for her birthday, I made some muffins with icing that spelt out ‘Happy Birthday!’. This did not turn out so well. They smelt good when I took them out, which made me happy, but then… Well they were impenetrable. It was painful eating them. My mom said it was the thought that counts but I seriously don’t want to go through that again. So thats out of the question. She also likes baskets but shes not going to want a basket unless I make it. I don’t know how to synthesize baskets. So what should I get her?!

Just a Card??

Well, I’m sure my mother would appreciate the card but it’s not much of a gift. What if I put lots of cute quotes in it and maybe a drawing? Hmm…

A Plant?

My mom loves plants but we have lots of plants in our house. Nearly every room has at least one plant. Plus who gets plants for their mom?!


My mom doesn’t wear jewelery much but I’m sure shed appreciate it. Plus I saw these cute necklaces in a shop which had nice quotes attached. But its not handmade…


I could definitely get flowers for her. She would appreciate and they would look beautiful. You can never go wrong with flowers. But flowers eventually die, unlike the relationship between mother and child. Definitely a legit back-up plan though.

Ahhh I don’t  know! Help me!

On a slightly different note it is also almost Easter! Easter is one of my favorite holidays, because of all the decorated/ chocolate eggs and cute bunnies! The only reason I don’t acclaim it that much is because, surprisingly, it has Pagan origins. They used to celebrate it as the resurrection of  some god called Attis.  Then it changed and became the day Christians believed in the resurrection of Jesus. Quite a baffling history I know. Thats why I try not to get too caught up in it…

…But still the bunnies are cute!

cute bunny


pi·lot [pahy-luht] –noun 1. a person duly qualified to steer ships into or out of a harboror through certain difficult waters. 2. a person who steers a ship.

3. Aeronautics . a person duly qualified to operate an airplane,balloon, or other aircraft.

4. Also called pilot film, pilot tape. Television . a prototypicalfilmed or taped feature, produced with hopes of networkadoption as a television series and aired to test potentialviewer interest and attract sponsors.

5. a preliminary or experimental trial or test

There are many definitions for the word pilot, as you can see above. This post is a pilot because it is the beginning of something new, the leader of all the other posts to come. So, there are many different meanings to pilot- but what do they really mean to us in our life? Below are several different types of examples of pilots. Your role is to guess the definition that relates to each example-1) Someone who steers a ship 2) A person who operates an aircraft 3) The first television program in a series 4) A trial or test. You can find the answers at the bottom of the page. Good Luck!

A)  List of ‘Pilots’ That Never Got the Chance

  • Huggy Bear and the Turkey
  • Jude Emery
  • The Mason Dixen Girls
  • Magnum P.I

B)  The first pilots were the Wright brothers

C)  ‘The school will offer a pilot of its new computer course’

D) captain-crunch

Yes this quiz was very easy but its just the beginning 😉 . So how on earth does this topic relate to life as we know it? Well I’m sure every day you see at least one example of a pilot, and I know that none of us could live without TV programs! And when we travel, we need a pilot to fly the plane or steer the ship. Yet, we never think of pilots (whichever definition) as being important to us. But, in fact, pilots are very important to us. Pilots signify a new beginning, a journey through places which no-one else has ever travelled.

Answers: A) 3 B) 2 C) 4 D) 1